The IDEAL MOOC : Implementation of DEvelopmentAl Learning

The IDEAL MOOC will teach you the cognitive science background and the programming bases to design robots and virtual agents capable of autonomous cognitive development driven by their intrinsic motivation. More than that, it will offer a place to discuss research in Developmental AI.

Developmental AI is a new branch of AI that aims to program a minimal initial system able to develop its intelligence by itself. If implemented in a robot, it will initially behave like a newborn baby, then it will become increasingly intelligent as it interacts with the world.

By grounding the system's knowledge in the system's individual experience, developmental AI addresses fundamental questions of cognition such as autonomous sense-making, individual choices, creativity, and free will. The MOOC will follow a progressive pathway, similar to the research pathway, consisting of implementing successive versions of agents, starting with very simple versions.


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Published on October 10, 2014 Updated on December 16, 2014