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The International Open-Day in IUT Lyon 1 is going ahead

The second year students from IUT Lyon 1 were given the opportunity to attend this event . They could find any kind of information to help them build up their international mobility project.The 4th annual International Open Day took place in IUT Lyon 1 on Tuesday 13 October on the Gratte-Ciel campus. As usual, this event was organised in partnership with the neighbouring IUTs in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Foreign universities were available on stands to discuss with the students about the possible curriculums and the assets of studying abroad. Conferences also helped them to get a practical approach of an international mobility and its requirements. They could find answers to questions such as : how to get a language certification? how and when to apply? how to finance this project? How to get a French equivalent to the ECTS given by a foreign university?
Some former students from the IUT Lyon 1 also came to share their international experience with the youger students. They could give them a feedback and answer the students' questions as well. 
This year, 20 foreign universities and partners took part in this event, which means a significant increase compared to the previous 3 years.  Indeed, previously 12 to 15 foreign universities were taking part in it. This tends to show that this regional international Open-Day is becoming more and more attractive for foreign universities which no longer want to miss it. Most of them were from English speaking countries, but Sophie BUSI, in charge of the international relations in IUT Lyon 1, is willing to bring together partners from different origins in this event. This cultural diversity will ensure a rewarding experience for students, who are then able to choose from a broad range of destinations.
The International Open Day took place on a single date  this year, while it used to be spread over 2 days previously. This will make it possible for other IUTs from the Rhône-Alpes region to get involved in this joined venture as well.
This year, the IUT in Annecy was successfully organising it for the first time. With Lyon 1, Grenoble, Chambéry, Saint-Etienne and Roanne, there are now 6 IUT committed in a joined venture to make this event attractive for foreign partners.
But this is not the only target : most of the information conferences were held in early september this year. All the students who were potentiel applicants to study abroad were then identified and bus shuttles were organised to link the 3 campuses of the IUT. It enabled to minimise the impact of the International Open-Day on the students' packed time tables. And the foreign partners pointed out that this year, the students were better prepared because they had had time to think about their international project before coming to the International Open Day. It was then easier and more efficient to advise them.

Every year, this international Open-day in early October is a definitely a milestone : it is the starting point of a long term process : for the following months, the students and the teachers in charge of the international relations in the 15 departments of the IUT will work together hand in hand to find the most suitable solution  for the students' international project. A good collaboration between the international offices and all these stakeholders is definitely a key to success and enables 300 students from IUT Lyon 1 to get an international experience every year, either as a trainee or a foreign student abroad. 
Published on October 20, 2015