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    First Arqus Bridging Workshop on green and digital transitions: a fruitful event for researchers
    On 28th and 29th March 2023, over 30 researchers from the different Arqus partner universities met in Lyon 1 to discuss and make the link between two major societal challenges: the digital and green transitions.
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    Julien Courchet receives ERC Starting Grant
    Julien Courchet from the Institut NeuroMyoGène (INMG) has been awarded a prestigious ERC Starting Grant (ERC StG 2015) by the European Research Council.
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    The Laniakea supercluster of galaxies
    Astronomers have mapped the cosmic watershed in which our Milky Way Galaxy is a droplet. The massive structure, which the research team dubs the Laniakea Supercluster, extends more than 500 million light-years and contains 100,000 large galaxies.
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    Cheese : a matter of love or hate
    Until now, the reason why some people hate cheese has been a mystery. Researchers at the Centre de Recherche en Neuroscience de Lyon (CNRS/INSERM/Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1/Université Jean Monnet) and the Laboratoire Neuroscience Paris Seine (CNRS/INSERM/UPMC) have just elucidated it.
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    Renewable energy : Nanotubes to channel osmotic power
    The salinity difference between fresh water and salt water could be a source of renewable energy. However, power yields from existing techniques are not high enough to make them viable. A solution to this problem may now have been found.
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    Lyon 1 in the Top 100 ranking of the most innovative universities
    Lyon 1 ranked #87 in the Reuters Top 100 ranking of the most innovative universities - 2017.
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    How fiber prevents diabetes and obesity
    Scientists have known for the past twenty years that a fiber-rich diet protects the organism against obesity and diabetes but the mechanisms involved have so far eluded them. A French-Swedish team including researchers from CNRS, Inserm and the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (Unité Inserm 855 “Nutrition et Cerveau”) has succeeded in elucidating this mechanism, which involves the intestinal flora and the ability of the intestine to produce glucose between meals.
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    Supervolcano triggers recreated in X-ray laboratory
    Scientists have reproduced the conditions inside the magma chamber of a supervolcano to understand what it takes to trigger its explosion. These rare events represent the biggest natural catastrophes on Earth except for the impact of giant meteorites. Using synchrotron X-rays, the scientists established that supervolcano eruptions may occur spontaneously, driven only by magma pressure without the need for an external trigger. The results are published in Nature Geosciences.
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    Looking Deeply into the Universe in 3D, MUSE goes beyond Hubble
    The MUSE instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope has given astronomers the best ever three-dimensional view of the deep Universe. After staring at the Hubble Deep Field South region for only 27 hours, the new observations reveal the distances, motions and other properties of far more galaxies than ever before in this tiny piece of the sky. They also go beyond Hubble and reveal previously invisible objects.
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    Whole-genome analyses resolve early branches in the tree of life of modern birds
    An international team of scientists has completed the largest whole genome study of a single class of animals to date. To map the tree of life for birds, the team sequenced, assembled and compared full genomes of 48 bird species representing all major branches of modern birds.

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