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A winter school in the field of mathematics

The Excellence Laboratory Milyon and the Camille Jordan Institute organize, from December 14th to December 18th 2015, the winter school Nonlinear Function Spaces in Mathematics and Physical Sciences. The school will take place in the Braconnier building, on the La Doua campus, at Villeurbanne.

The school is one of the events of the semester Analysis in Lyon, jointly organized by the Excellence Laboratory Milyon and the University of Lyon, and is a follow-up of the Meetings in Analysis organized during the last five years by Camille Jordan Institute.

More than eighty participants from ten countries (Algeria, Belgium, Chile, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Romania, Russia, Switzerland), including fifty master or PhD students, will follow five intensive courses on recent topics at the heart of the mathematical analysis and of its interactions.

Manifold-valued maps occur in material sciences (liquid crystals, superconductivity), physics (gauge theories) and mathematics (harmonic maps). The school consists of five lectures delivered by leading experts, intended to Master and PhD students, as well as to researchers. The program goes from an introductory course on the basic tools in the study of nonlinear function spaces to very recent results on weak density problems.

The school is intended to give junior participants a significant overview of the relevant problems, answers and tools, and all participants the opportunity to discuss the perspectives of the field.

  • John Ball (Oxford) : Function spaces for liquid crystals
  • Fabrice Bethuel (Paris 6) : From singularities for Sobolev spaces into manifolds to branched transportation
  • Robert Hardt (Rice) : Spaces of Flat and Normal Chains and Cochains
  • Augusto Ponce (Louvain)
 : Sobolev spaces into manifolds: a toolbox
  • Tristan Rivière (ETH Zürich)
 : The variations of Yang-Mills Lagrangian

Photograph :
Liquid crystal visualised under polarised light
Karen Neill/LCI. Wellcome Images
Published on November 10, 2015 Updated on December 15, 2015