Research Unit CTO EA 3738

Targeting - Oncological therapeutics

Biologie, médecine, santé

Address :
UFR Faculté de Médecin Lyon-Sud-Charles Mérieux BP12
165 Chemin du Grand Revoyet
69921 OULLINS Cedex
Phone :
33 (0)4 26 23 59 03
Fax :
33 (0)4 26 23 59 01

Research topics

Target treatments for cancer by way of surgery combined with chemical hyperthermia, using physical agents (conformal radiotherapy, isotopes and brachytherapy), and chemotherapy (pharmacokinetics and population models).

  • Team 1 run by Olivier Glehen: animal models and peritoneal carcinosis, evaluation of targeted intraperitoneal therapy on animal models, and phase II clinical trials (National centre of excellence)
  • Team 2 run by Gilles Freyer: evaluation of the pharmacokinetics of anti-cancer drugs and the impact of pharmacokinetics on anti-tumoral efficacy, construction of population models, phase I and phase II clinical trials.
  • Team 3 run by Olivier Chapet: evaluation of conformal radiotherapy, the use of 3D imaging in increasing the precision of ballistic targeting, phase III clinical trials.
  • Team 4 run by Claire Rodriguez Lafrasse: radiobiology and the study of molecular resistance of cancer cells to irradiation (X rays, electrons, carbon ions)