Mixed research unit UMR 5305

Laboratory of Tissue Biology and Therapeutic Engineering (LBTI)

Biologie, médecine, santé

Address :
Institut de Biologie et de Chimie des Protéines FRE 3310 CNRS - UCBL
7 Passage du Vercors
69367 LYON CEDEX 7
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+33(0)4 72 72 26 36
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+33(0)4 72 72 26 02
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Research topics

The objective of this laboratory is to study biological tissue (skin, cornea, epithelial tissue and cartilage) with regard to its functional integrity and to new concepts in therapeutic engineering.
The Laboratory of Tissue Biology and Therapeutic Engineering (LBTI is one of the two mixed units of the CNRS – Claude Bernard Lyon 1 university located at the Institut de Biologie et de Chimie des Protéines de Lyon [Institute of Biology and Chemistry of Proteins of Lyon - IBCP]. The specificity of our organisation is its multidisciplinarity and its high level of translational work towards clinical applications of our work. We have chemists, biochemists, cellular and molecular biologists, physiologists and doctors, whose fields of competence are focused on biology of the skin, epithelial tissue and cartilage, as well as identifying therapeutic targets and tissue vectorisation. We have three aims: 1) To deepen our knowledge of and analyse the fundamental mechanisms of the matrix structure of tissue, skin, cornea, mucous membranes and cartilage, and to identify potential therapeutic targets, 2) To understand and evaluate the ability of this tissue to respond to physiological or mechanical stress and to model these actions. 3) To put forward and test innovative therapeutic approaches to repair tissue and to disseminate therapeutic agents in a tissue environment.


  • Matrix structure of tissue and repair engineering
  • Healing and the functional quality of skin
  • Targeting of therapeutic molecules and innovative therapeutic drugs

Fields of application

Repair engineering, vectorisations and vaccination, skin (healing/decubitus ulcers), cartilage (arthritis)