Mixed research unit 1060

Laboratory in cardiovascular diseases, metabolism, diabetology and nutrition (CarMeN)

Biologie, médecine, santé

Address :
Faculté de Médecine Lyon-Sud BP 12
165 Chemin du Grand Revoyet
69921 Oulllins Cedex
Phone :
+33 (0)4 26 23 59 17
Fax :
+33 (0)4 26 23 59 16
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Authority :

INSERM, INRA, INSA de Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Research topics

CarMeN, created in Lyon on January,2011, is a biomedical research laboratory in cardiovascular diseases, metabolism, diabetology and nutrition. These disorders considered as major public human health concerns have common physiological basis that are linked to environment, lifestyle and aging.

CarMeN is a centre of excellence in these topics where the main research teams and clinical departments in Lyon joined together with the general goal to develop strong interactions between basic research and clinical research to strengthen for a better understanding in these pathologies as well as for the follow-up of the patients.