Mixed research unit 5256

Institute of research on catalysis and the environment of Lyon - IRCELYON


Address :
2 Avenue Albert Einstein
69626 Villeurbanne cedex
Phone :
+ 33 [0] 472 445 300
Fax :
+ 33 [0] 472 445 399
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Authority :

CNRS, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Research topics

A research unit of 240 people working in the field of catalysis to produce energy; environmental remediation; reusing recyclable resources; and atmospheric chemistry. IRCELYON has all the analytical and physico-chemical characterisation tools of catalysts to push forward the frontier of knowledge in our field, while taking an integrated catalyst-reactor-reaction approach. Many partnerships with industry and universities


  • Air processing and gas effluents - atmospheric chemistry
  • Water processing and liquid effluents
  • Refining and innovative reuse of hydrocarbons
  • Functional and nanostructure materials
  • Reuse of bioresources and green chemistry
  • Engineering and intensification of processes
  • Clean and renewable energies
  • Surface science

Fields of application

Catalysis for energy, the environment and the reuse of bioresources
Environmental remediation of the air and water, oil catalysis, fine and specialised chemistry, catalytic materials, engineering and processes, transformation of renewable materials