Mixed research unit IGFL UMR 5242

Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon (IGFL)

Biologie, médecine, santé

Address :
Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
46 Allée d'Italie
69364 Lyon Cedex 07
Phone :
33 (0)4 26 73 13 00
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33 (0)4 26 73 13 73
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Research topics

Areas of research:
The IGFL was set up on 1 January 2007 as a mixed research unit between the Lyon 1 university, the Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon [Lyon engineering school - ENS], the CNRS and INRA.

The fields of research of the IGFL are the analysis of the role of the genome regarding how biological systems are created, how they work, and how they change. The design and methods are based to a great extent on those of functional genomics, integrative biology and comparative genomics. The topmost areas of research taken on by the IGFL are those of the biology of reproduction, embryonic and post-embryonic development, morphogenesis, development of the nervous system and oncogenic transformation. The IGFL plans to apply this fundamental research in the biomedical field, in biotechnologies and in agronomics.