Mixed research unit 5182

Chemistry Laboratory


Address :
ENS de Lyon - Site Monod
46 Allée d'Italie
69000 LYON
Phone :
33 (0)4 72 72 83 93
Fax :
04 72 72 88 60
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Authority :

CNRS, ENS de Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Research topics

A wide range of areas in chemistry and physico-chemistry are dealt with in the Chemistry laboratory. It develops multidisciplinary research projects at the frontier between biology, materials and physical sciences. The areas of research cover a wide range of expertise in experimental chemistry (organic, inorganic, and synthetic materials) and in modelling combined with significant characterisation resources. The interdisciplinary scientific projects of the laboratory, which are in part connected with societal issues (environment, health, defence, information and communication technologies, textiles) are focussed on three main areas:
  • systems for biology: imaging, diagnostics and therapy
  • systems with specific properties: for applications connected with optics, magnetism, supramolecular heterogeneous catalysis, detection of gas molecules, chiral recognition or development of functional textiles;
  • digital modelling: reactivity (exploration of reaction paths in heterogeneous catalysis), spectroscopy (modelling of excited states of magnetic or optical systems), and development of models for enzyme and biomolecular systems.

These projects come under three headings:
  • Organic chemistry and nanostructure materials
  • Theoretical chemistry
  • Functional and photonics