Mixed research unit 5220, UMR_S 1044

Centre for research into the acquisition and processing of images for healthcare - CREATIS

Sciences et technologies de l'information et de la communication

Address :
7 Avenue Jean Capelle
69621 Villeurbanne
Phone :
04 72 43 82 27
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04 72 43 85 96
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INSA, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Research topics

Areas of research:

The Creatis laboratory is a medical imaging research unit of international reputation, and its fields of excellence are at the crossroads between the following two areas:
- Identifying important healthcare issues that can be studied using imaging techniques;
- Identifying the theoretical barriers in processing signals and images, and in modelling and digital simulation for imaging of live subjects.

Creatis takes on these challenges by way of a cross-disciplinary approach, based on a matrix organisation that brings together the six research teams working in the fields of information and communication sciences and technologies for engineers and life sciences.