Mixed research unit Ampère LIA 817, UMR 5005

Ampère (electrical engineering, electromagnetism, automation, environmental microbiology and applications)

Sciences pour l'ingénieur

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36 Avenue Guy de Collongue
69134 Ecully cedex
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04 72 18 60 98
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04 78 43 37 17
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External affiliation(s) :
Ecole Centrale de Lyon
Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon

Research topics

The general aim of the research carried out at Ampère is to manage and use the energy in the systems rationally in relation to their environment.
Ampère was created in 2007 by merging the Centre de Génie Electrique de Lyon [Electrical engineering Centre of Lyon CEGELY] and the Laboratoire d'Automatique Industrielle de Lyon [Industrial automation laboratory of Lyon - LAI] and includes researchers specialising in environmental biology.
Ampère employs over 160 people and has contracts with the CNRS and 3 Lyon establishments (ECL, INSA, UCBL).

The laboratory has 3 scientific departments:
Electrical energy: creating and optimising transport, distribution and conversion devices for electrical energy, taking into account their environments.
Bioengineering: generating fundamental concepts, methods and applications in bioengineering by creating a synergy between electrical engineering, the science of microsystems and biology.
Method for systems engineering: developing analysis and synthesis methods for controlled design, incorporating control restrictions, reliability and system monitoring for multi-physical systems in relation to their environment.