Foreign candidates outside of exchange programs or of cooperation agreements

Applying to the University for courses outside of exchange program (individually)

You are international student, and you'd like to reach one of our training programs, outside of any universitary exchange program, after being holder of a High School Diploma (or Baccalauréat).

You have to make the application process which is corresponding to your administrative situation : it depends on your nationality, your residence’s country, the country of your High School Diploma, and the training program and level of it desired at Lyon1.

To know how to apply, please read carefully the information about application as individual international candidate

Completing an internship

You are student at University abroad, and you wish to complete an internship at the Lyon 1 University. You have to do your research of internship by contacting the structures corresponding at your field :
 Important : in Medicine and Odontology sectors, the Observation training course in 2nd cycle requires the existence of a cooperation agreement connecting your establishment of origin to Lyon 1.

Once you’ll find your internship, you’ll have to sign a tripartite agreement between Lyon 1, your own university and yourself.