Call for candidates for the position of director of the Institute de Physique Nucléaire, Lyon

The Institute of Nuclear Physics in Lyon, IPNL, is a laboratory of CNRS-IN2P3, and the University Claude Bernard – Lyon I. IPNL counts 75 staff scientists (fulltime researchers and University staff), more than 80 technical and administrative support staff (engineers and technicians) and about 75 PhD students and post-docs.

The scientific and technical activities of the laboratory span from particles and astroparticles physics, cosmology, over nuclear and hadronic physics, to radiation sciences from their most fundamental aspects to interdisciplinary applications in particular in the energy and health sector. Explored mainly through experimentation or observation, the theoretical aspects of these fields are also addressed. The laboratory accompanies the valorisation of its developments and the provision of services to external structures.

The research groups of IPNL are strongly engaged in international collaborations working on large research infrastructures as well as on local research platforms. The technical departments of IPNL (mechanics, electronics, instrumentation, accelerators and computing) allow for the scientist to participate in the design, prototyping and construction phase of the experiments and in their data treatment. They provide also the support and the operation of the local accelerators.

The future direction of IPNL should have an outstanding scientific profile, experience in leadership positions in the domain or in related research fields and show a strong ambition for the laboratory. It is expected that he or she will work primarily on this mission, in the aim of developing, together with the parent organisations, the excellence of the scientific and technical activities, as well as teaching and outreach activities.


Application :

Applications and any related question should be addressed to Ursula Bassler ( before February 10, 2018. Any related questions can be addressed to Ursula and/or Marie-France Joubert ( The applicant should join a curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation. The applications will be transmitted to a Search Committee representing the parent organisations and the personnel of the laboratory. The committee is in charge of advising the parent organisations that will make the final selection.

Following a first evaluation of the applications, the Search committee will audition the preselected candidates during the month of March 2018. The appointment is foreseen to start in September 2018.

Published on the December 7, 2017